English-project „My superhero” – Claudia Böswarth (4a)

  My superhero is called Superrubber. When he is a normal rubber he is white and pink with a hole in the middle. But when he is a superrubber he has a green cape and a black mask too. Superrubber is very helpful and nice. And he is a very soft rubber… He hates mistakes very much. One of his enemies is the pencil. But his arch enemy, a very bad supervillain, is the pen. He hates the pen!! Because if the pen makes a mistake, he can’t correct it! But his best friend is the ink eraser. You should know why … Superrubber can fly and is indestructible and his motto is: “Every rubber can be a superhero!” – He is created by Faber-Castell. 

Because of this perfect presentation the company Faber-Castell sent Claudia a big box with “Superrubbers” for the whole class and her Englishteachers Silvia Schafranek and Erich Puchner! Thanks a lot, Claudia

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